Games of Chances & Probabilities

No country in the world is using more often promotions to create awareness for their brands, shops or services than the UAE.

Most of the promotions are raffles, rebates on sales or “buy one get one
free” promotions. Raffle prizes are already reaching the AED 1,000,000 to get more attention. The prize money and pay-outs are exceeding even the advertising spending.

5th Consulting DMCC is offering a new promotion mechanism to the UAE markets. With games of chances and probabilities 5th Consulting DMCC is able to provide risk management for promotional games to cover the big prizes.

If a brand creates and covers their sales promotion with 5th Consulting they are risk free if it comes to winners. Paying a premium upfront the prizes are paid out by through 5th Consulting DMCC if there is a winner.

Now it is possible to promote and advertise with prizes that can be AED 10,000,000, AED 25,000.000 or even AED 100,000,000 without the risk of getting bankrupt if there is a winner.

We love to present these new possibilities for marketing and promotional campaigns to all interested brands, shops, industries and agencies – just give us a call or drop an email!

Scratch Cards

Sales Promotions are more fun when linked to prize contests, specially when they are simple and with quick win.

With “Scratch Cards” promotions, customers have the chance to win Big; After spending a particular amount of money, they receive a scratch card at checkout.

The game card consists i.e. of 25 squares and consumers have to find the 7 matching winning symbols to win a Grand Prize of AED 10,000,000.

There is always a 2nd prize for everyone playing, if they didn’t find the 5 matching winning symbols.

Scratch Cards can be done with different number of squares and diverse games rules.

Contact us to know more!

Everyone is a Winner

The Envelope Game by 5th Consulting DMCC is gaining a lot of popularity amongst the retail brands across the world.

Easy to understand and exciting to play. The game consists of 13 envelopes, out of which 7 contain the winning logos. The task is to pick 7 envelopes out of the given 13 and if all 7 envelopes that are chosen have the winning logo, then the player wins the MEGA JACKPOT.

If not, with each envelope that contains the winning logo, a smaller prize is won. Since there are only 6 “empty” envelopes, the player will definitely get a MINIMUM of ONE ENVELOPE WITH THE WINNING LOGO.

The promotion is a great content for social media as well. And also, can be integrated in established Raffle games.

And the most important, the brands/companies do not have to worry about the pay-out of the prizes, as it’s being COVERED by 5th Consulting DMCC (Risk Management).

Let’s Beat the Heat

What started as a small-time promotion with snow in Germany, soon gained popularity.

Make the simple announcement, that if on National Day (2nd Dec) the outside temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius the purchases made by the consumers during the promotional period (prior to National Day), would be deemed free, and thus all consumers get their money back.

The brand measured the snow using an apparatus to be able to prove the prediction, right outside their outlet, and people did keep a tab of the snowfall, through their social media channels, and also by looking just outside their windows to deal with, all possible with the PREDICTION COVERAGE provided by 5th Consulting DMCC. The Promotion is fun and easy and can even be promoted through social media channels. Customers just need to check their weather apps, official weather data or just look outside the window.

So next time you wish to link any local event, sports event, or weather condition happening in the future, to a promotion, just give us a call.
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