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It is event season again in the UAE, especially in Dubai where there are close to 100 scheduled exhibitions, tradeshows, and sporting events from October 2022 to March 2023.

The UAE has become very popular globally as one of the best destinations for Exhibitions and Tradeshows. 2022 has seen a significant increase in the number of tradeshow exhibitors and visitors. It is as if the pandemic never happened.

According to the Display Wizard Covid 19 Trade Show Report 2022,  the pandemic hasn’t dented the popularity of in-person trade shows, which remain a vital part of many businesses’ marketing strategies.

Exhibiting is one of the most effective platforms in the marketing mix for both B2B and B2C companies. Exhibitions, trade shows, trade fairs, conventions, and expos offer a huge opportunity to meet new and old customers and suppliers. It is also an excellent opportunity to scope out the rest of the industry and show off your brand. Participating in these events helps the companies achieve brand recall value.

The key to running a successful exhibition stand is ensuring a steady flow of relevant visitors but achieving this isn’t easy and relying on organic footfall is a risky strategy.

There are plenty of smart ways to attract visitors to a stand which the industry has been practicing and we have listed a few of them below:


1. Make your stand like an experience centre for your brand.

The stand should look, talk and feel like your brand.  Tradeshow visitors should be able to get the message about your brand even by just passing by from whichever side of your stand. A stand that has a lot of breathing space, proper lighting, impactful visuals coupled with short, powerful phrases, and the tone of the language you use is already a start in delivering a brand experience to your visitors.


2. Mastery of the brand message among employees who will run the stand.

It is always understood that the stand will be manned mostly by your employees.  It is imperative that these employees are trained and have by-hearted a unified brand narrative. Employees are your first brand ambassadors, and they are the front liners that make either a good or not-so-good impression to your visitors. So, mastery of the brand message is crucial when an engagement with a visitor to your stand starts.


3. Hire promoters/hostesses with excellent communication skills.

Hiring highly communicative promoters is one thing and training them with a unifying message about your brand, products, and services is another. Like your employees, they will form part of the whole team that will represent your brand during the tradeshow. So, making them master the brand message is important.


4. Offer free wifi, charging stations, and other features that any visitor in a tradeshow would need.

A lot of times, there are plenty of visitors who tend to forget to carry with them battery packs or charging cables for their mobile phones. And being connected to the internet always is a must nowadays. Visitors who come from other countries may not have sufficient roaming data to last for the whole duration of the tradeshow, so they rely on wifi network at the venue, which tends to render slow internet connections due to the high traffic usage on it. So, providing this comfort to your visitors leads to a good mark about your brand to them, apart from you being able to capture data that you can use for after-tradeshow marketing and business development activities.


5. Mere giveaways do not lead to visitor engagement. Give them something big that they could take home!

Majority of the tradeshow visitors are there on business. Mere giveaways do not lead to visitor engagement anymore. Amidst the maze of never-ending giveaways of the trade show environment your giveaway needs to capture their imagination that can last at least a few weeks. You also need to offer an attraction that will not only draw people to your stand but will keep them there longer. An engaged visitor is more likely to convert into a customer. There are various simple competitions that you can run in your stand which will allow you to offer grand prize winnings of unbelievable value at a fraction of the cost. The bigger the winnings, the more impactful and engaging it will be.


5th Consulting DMCC, the company behind iconic lotteries in the region provides risk-free promotional competition to companies in both B2B and B2C sectors to help you boost the footfall into your stand. One of the most engaging solutions we have is the E-Vault where we display the electronic vault in your stand, with a pre-set secret code. Visitors queue-in to input their code number combination. Whoever can match the secret code will win the jackpot prize that is inside the vault. Another solution one can implement in a tradeshow is our Lucky Set Draw where there will be 13 sealed envelopes with 7 winning envelopes and 6 non-winning. To win the jackpot prize, the contestant needs to find the 7 winning envelopes. You can also offer secondary prizes for every winning envelope from 1 to 6. You can find more risk-free gaming and competition solutions on our website.


An engaged visitor with a mega reward is the best influencer or viral content you can have in this age of digital amplification. Think about how you can increase the chances of visitor conversion by leaving a great experience while engaging with you at the stand.

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