Biggest Impact, Lowest Risk


We can help create experiential promotional campaigns across media channels that will connect you to your consumers and influence their behavior, all the while capping your exposure to risk and have your clients coming back for more. We always ensure the biggest possible impact with the lowest possible risk.

We help our clients create unrivalled, differentiating promotional campaigns that are impossible to resist through a combination of deep background insight, careful clients consultation, innovative sales mechanics and time-tested traditional techniques..


We help design game and prize strategies that add value to your promotion and deliver prizes that has value to your customers and encourage behaviors that impact the promotion.

Our game touch-points extend from real world kiosks to devices that engage customers digitally with a large inventory of promotional games that can also be integrated into mobile applications to encourage specific actions.

Social Media Promotions

We can advice on managing your campaign feeds, work with your digital agency or assist in creating your social media campaign from scratch, in line with the consumer’s needs and wants.

Though the digital world can offer as many new risks as opportunities, we can help minimize them and focus on reducing costs, increasing audience excitement and exposure, building traffic, and simplifying measurement and engagement.

TV & Radio

With a twist to your imagination, we can help you own the air by customize an existing contest or create a brand-new promotion to put your imaginations to work

Every radio station does listener giveaways like every TV station does viewer giveaways – Have you wondered how giving away a million dirham will impact your brand? Learn more about how we can make your brand or even a station stand out.

Mobile Marketing

As a seasoned risk management company we have the experience and expertise to help you deliver a successful mobile promotion without the risk.

With Mobile Marketing, the promotion becomes an important mechanism of data-collection, allowing brands to engage closer to their customers and personalize future offerings.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Most marketing campaigns include direct mail for call to action purposes. But, direct mail without a compelling call to action usually ends up in the trash.

Promotions are a powerful tool for delivering great response rates in the direct mail industry. Our promotions give you the best call to action ever: the chance to win a mega prize.

Online Ad Campaigns

Online advertising campaigns increase website traffic, grow your social audience, build your database, engage customers, and generate excitement.

With our prize insurance and risk management services, they are guaranteed to help you achieve your digital marketing goals, increasing your brand’s exposure with mega, insured prizes.