Make Amazing Happen!


Bringing experiential creativity to your event or marketing campaign by offering Mega Prizes involves huge risks that can even lead to bankruptcy. While high reward campaigns can guarantee the attention of your target audience, you need the expertise of a Promotional Risk Coverage expert. We specialize in Prize Indemnity Insurance for contests, games and promotions - both in the real world and online.

For a single fixed fee, we fulfil every winner’s prize out of our pockets – even if there’s twice as many as expected. And that’s not a problem – it’s just a sign that your campaign is really reaching people!

5th Consulting

5th Consulting provide brands the ability to offer larger than life winning propositions for their customers during promotional campaigns.

We help brands fabulous prizes worth millions of dirhams and if there is a winner, we pay for the prize – all in return for a small fee.

Vision, Mission & Values

About our journey and how we aspire to make brand promotions more relevant to their customers. Our vision, mission and values guide our efforts in making promotion campaigns more affordable.

This is why we help produce larger than life promotional campaigns and the reason we need it to be affordable and risk free to brands.

Brand Promise

Our brand promise is one that we never want to be found breaking. This is how we want the experience of our customer and our customers’ customer to be labelled.

Our brand promise is an important aspect of who we are. It is how we ensure our customers remain happy and come back for more partnerships. It is how we measure success.

Make Amazing Happen™

If it’s not amazing, it’s simply not us. If it’s not amazing it’s not a promotion worthy of a 5th Consulting banner. If it’s not amazing it doesn’t carry the 5th spirit!

Amazing is a pre-condition to what we deliver. It’s the reason why we are in business at all! This is how we impact brands. This is how we win hearts. This is how we touch lives.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is the reason we stay motivated day-after-day, project-after-project, campaign-after-campaign. It is the reason we stay agile and focused to deliver the impossible at every instance of our engagement.

It is the reason we are determined to ‘Make Amazing Happen’. It is why we need to ‘Save Money. Win Bigger’. It is why we live with the ‘Freedom to be Awesome’.


Our culture determines the kind of people we engage. with – at the office or at our customer’s end. There is no room for the ordinary nor an excuse for a boring day.

Our task is to deliver the amazing and to deliver the amazing we ourselves need to live a life above the ordinary. This is how we can think different and this is why we challenge the status-quo every single instance.

German Efficiency

Efficiency is the result of thoroughness. It’s the result of expertise enhanced through diligence and perseverance. It’s the hallmark of winning brands.

Our efficiency is underscored by our underwriters – a brand with proven mettle in the business of assuring Prize Indemnity. We work with the best to ensure that our results remain impeccable and our processes flawless.