It's time to make it happen!


Financially safeguarded promotions mean you can offer that unmissable prize. That prize that draws people in, that gets them excited, and gets them buying, clicking and engaging – for maximum impact, without hurting your return on investment. It's time to launch the one campaign you’ve always wanted to run.

Don’t let financial concerns hold back the greatest promotion ever – trust us to calculate and manage the financial risks to give you peace of mind. We look after your financial exposure to make sure you never go over budget. Guaranteed.


Prize Coverage is used in campaigns where the chances of a win can be calculated from mathematical probabilities, empirical values and statistical figures.

Prize Coverage enables marketers to offer huge winnings for a relatively small premium. Whether anybody actually wins depends solely on the participants’ skill or luck!


Prediction Coverage allows marketers to offer discounts or money-back guarantees to consumers in promotion drives that are tied to a certain event, attracting wide attention in return.

If the event actually happens, 5th Consulting pays for“` the winning prize of the campaign. This cover allows organizers to offer huge rewards for a very small price.


Redemption Coverage comes handy when It is to assess the response to campaigns that involve offering vouchers, bonuses, freebies, coupons and discounts.

5th Consulting absorb the extra costs incurred by the over-redemption after professionally analyzing the response to be anticipated and setting a quota.