Get ready to run wild!


We enable you to offer the truly headline-grabbing prizes that may otherwise not be accessible within your budget and provide opportunities to supercharge your next game, contest, or promotion. For a small fee, you can offer your customers a chance to win fabulous prizes worth millions and if you have a winner, we pay for the prize.

Our expertise in assessing and managing promotional risk is reflected in our ability to design even the oddest promotions, covering all your risks and providing the certainty you need.


With years’ experience in identifying game-changing prizes, we can assist you in every stage of securing the perfect reward.

We understand that it is important to ensure that your prizes are aligned with your brand, your promotion and your audience and should convey the perfect message.


We know from experience that fulfilling prizes can prove a much difficult task as  the challenges faced can be many.

However, with experience, we have already found the best way to address each of them and can share these valuable insights with you.

Creative Guidance

As a small, agile and creative agency we are always hungry for creative challenges – putting our awesome creative spirit completely at your disposal.

We absolutely love the challenge of bringing your experiences to life and keep at it until you are completely happy, helping guide all of your feedback into great design.


For a seamless flow while claiming rewards, or registering for a prize. you need to have the process and outline spec drawn up and be ready for execution.

With the experience of working with global brands, we bring expert brains to the game and help create the technical infrastructure for your promotional needs.

Data-Driven Insights

Our vast experience can be leveraged by using our data and promotional insights to enhance your promotions and increase customer engagement.

The goal of promotions is to encourage participation and engagement. Structured and relevant data along with promotional insights can help drive the right kind of audience to take the right kind of action.

Promotional Techniques

5th takes the risk on all aspects of your promotion using extensive risk management expertise, so your costs will never spiral out of control

With a vast array of sales promotion techniques gained by delivering a wide range of campaigns, we’ll align the most appropriate method of promotion with your audience, your brand and your objectives.

Risk Management

We bring your campaign to life by using your brand’s data together with our extensive promotional database, a team of experienced professionals with knowledge across the region churning facts, insights, knowledge, and stats to provide you with clear options.

Promotional marketing is a complex arena filled with ‘what if’ questions. We can help you answer complex questions like ‘what if?’ before campaign launch, leaving you free to focus on measuring the return on your investment and enjoying acquisition and loyalty gains.

Terms & Conditions

We help our clients avoid the obvious hassles related to promotional campaigns by helping them draft the contest rules and legal regulations, addressing the complexities clearly without seeming overwhelming, saving invaluable time, resources and money in the future.

We help you identify possible risks, while unearthing the various and probably conflicting motivations of your audiences so that we can be absolutely sure that nothing will hamper the experience while we craft bespoke sales solutions that actually press their buttons.