At 5th, each campaign is a one-off, bespoke production, conceived for your industry, tailored to you, your objectives and your customers. And we care deeply about compliance so we always ensure your promotion complies with all the relevant regulations specific to your industry, too.

Just give us the broad brushstrokes of what you want to achieve and we’ll fill in the details – standalone or integrated, any platform or mechanic, anywhere in the world


Automobile dealers can benefit with promotions that work! Our promotions are designed to invite potential clients into the dealership for a test drive and a chance to win a new car!

5th Consulting will help design promotions based on your target market that will drive the right profile of potential customers to your dealership.

Financial Institutions

Increase response rates during your next product launch with a giant insured prize as your call to action. With a direct mail promotion insurance, offer huge prizes just for walking in the door.

Increase participation and add excitement to your brand opening by offering attention-getting scratch card based mega-prizes!.

Insurance Brokers

What used to be a face-to-face industry has moved mass media, and what worked 10 years ago to get you new policyholders won’t work anymore in the digital era.

You need to stand out enough in a competitive market so that customers will choose your insurance company over the next one. Thoughtless marketing campaign won’t do it.


Non-profits can increase participation and benefit by adding excitement using great attention-grabbing fundraising promotions backed by the risk management service of 5th Consulting.

Increase participation, raise money for your cause, and set your event apart with a shoot-out featuring a million dollar Hole-in-One prize or a Golf Drop winner!

Packaged Goods

5th Consulting has numerous proven campaign strategies to run product trials, coupon offers and other attention-getting promotions without burning a significant hole in your budget!

Run In-Pack and On-Pack Promotions using simple, cost-effective tools like PLAY CODES to create excitement among consumers, differentiate your brand, drive revenue and build your consumer database.

Furnitures & Appliances

Increase response rates during your next campaign with a giant call to action. Through a Direct Mail Insurance you can offer huge prizes just for walking in through the door.

You can also advertise the chance to stop by your store and let people try to crack the code of the Prize Vault to WIN


A great way to increase traffic at your restaurant is through the use of limited time offers. For limited time offers to work though, it’s essential that they are executed correctly.

We all know the head-scratching frustration of making sure your next restaurant promotion is successful. If you struggle to come up with that next best idea, our services might be of great use to you.


Retail promotions are a great way to boost promotional efforts and sales. Through redemption coverage or exciting games of skill or chance, it is a simple way to get people talking about your brand.

These types of promotions are popular with jewelers, furniture stores, electronic stores and auto dealers, but can really be used by any type of retailer.


We cover prizes for all kinds of sports contests, including football promotions – the perfect way to generate excitement, create publicity, and develop effective sponsorship packages.

Sports promotional contests are perfect for businesses in the local community who want to have a tie in with a local sporting team or to increase attendance at a particular game or championship. These are a number of exciting promotions that you can run in conjunction with a high school, university or professional sporting event.

Trade Shows

Trade shows and conventions are a great way to increase brand awareness and make new connections. However, all  your competitors are set up right next to you, battling for visbility and competing for contacts.

Want your company to stand out from the rest? We know a few clever, fun, and “outside the booth” trade-show promotion tactics.