Maximum Impact, Minimum Risk


If you can Imagine it, We will deliver it. We’ve been running campaigns for decades, gathering a huge amount of data on how people engage with them – how likely they are to enter, the risk of over-redemption, and how many winners you can afford on your budget.

For a single fixed fee, we fulfil every winner’s prize out of our pockets – even if there’s twice as many as expected. And that’s not a problem – it’s just a sign that your campaign is really reaching people!

Promotional Risk Management

Our Risk Management services provide the certainty you need by capping the spend of your promotional campaigns.

We maximize your budgets and protect you from the financial risk of over-redemption or exorbitant prize payouts. We will help you finalize the most cost-efficient promotion within your budget, or address all aspects of the campaign at a fixed cost to you.

Fixed Fee Cover

The variables involved in costing a campaign can appear daunting sometimes, leaving you with the need to deliver an impactful and fool-proof campaign that can be run within a guaranteed fixed budget.

5th Consulting can help make a real impact with the most financially secure Fixed Fee promotional insurance available with the guarantee of not wanting a penny more.

Over Redemption Cover

Over redemption means exactly what it states – redemption over a particular point. Again, this is designed to protect your financial interests if the cost of redemptions exceed your marketing budget.

Over redemption differs slightly to fixed fee, in that it allows you to fund redemptions up to an agreed level. Any redemptions which exceed this level are then covered by 5th ensuring you never exceed your marketing budget.

Promotional Consulting

Our seasoned experts help our clients look beyond traditional thinking to design the most effective promotional campaigns possible.

Our promotional consultation process unearths various patterns and interests of your audience and help you craft bespoke sales solutions that activates them.

Project Management

Our project management team delivers end-to-end solutions by taking care of your financial, logistical and delivery requirements.

With the years of experience working with brands and agencies, insuring and protecting some of the most high profile sales promotions to date, we can ensure that all promotional promises are delivered smoothly.