The Consumer Promotion Experts


Our approach is collaborative, tailor-made for your audience – and by working closely with you we understand that – inside and out. If you’ve got a great idea, we’ve got the global resources to bring it to life. Out of ideas? Then our industry experience will blow you away.

We work with multinational companies and regional business houses as their central promotional hub to provide a clear picture of their promotional activity, maximize their return on investment, reduce promotional risk, streamline prize redemption processes & supply chains and improve the overall effectiveness of promotional activities.

Consumer Goods Brands

Our campaigns are emotive, tugging at people’s heartstrings, while still giving them things that they actually need – and want.

Our promotional risk management expertise means you can make the maximum impact through big-money prizes without hurting your finances. Our promotions get you the best coverage and impact for maximum return.

Consumer Electronics Brands

Interaction works both ways and isn’t a one-way deal. There are so many ways to reach your customers to make campaigns work.

Our promotions make brands leap out of the shelves to shine brighter than the competition, as stand-out brands, commanding undivided attention within the constant omni-channel noise.

Loyalty Programs

It costs up to ten times more to attract a new customer. Your existing customers will spend more, spend more often, and need less convincing on any new offerings.

And if you really manage their expectations well enough, they’ll transform into active advocates for your brand, and in this digital age, nothing beats word of mouth – or word of tweet.

Media Houses

What sets off that spark in consumers’ minds? We’re all about running disruptive, attention-grabbing promotions. It’s time to shine brighter than the rest!

The campaigns that really make a splash in any marketplace, raising awareness while giving your customers the chance to get way more for their money. A killer box full of new ideas keeps us ahead of the pack, and we’ll take you with us.

Marketing Agencies

Curious to see how prize insurance and over-redemption coverage can help you achieve bigger impact and better results for your clients?

We’ve worked with some real top brands and are proud of how we’ve inspired loyalty in their customers. We can give your customers the best coverage and impact for maximum return.

Digital Marketers

5th Consulting can help you create user experiences across digital networks that will keep audiences coming back for more. We can make it all happen!

Our promotion solutions keep you in people’s pockets – whether that’s on their phone or in their wallets – giving you the powerful reasons you need to connect every single day. We make it easy.

Activation Agencies

Blow them away with a prize that really pulls out all the stops. Taking your winners away to somewhere special, is the perfect ending to your campaign.

We’re definitely talking about the latter kind of prize – unique, attention-grabbing, engaging experiences that really calls out to people. When it comes to experiential prizes, no one does it quite like us!

Event Managers

Event Managers of all industries can count on 5th Consulting to drive traffic and engagement to their events.

We offer a wide array of solutions whether you’re an event planner looking for a promotion that generates awareness and attendance or an exhibitor looking for a promotion that drives trade show traffic to your booth.