JOTUN’S Pick & Win Campaign

The Brief

JOTUN mandated 5th Consulting with a dual objective promotional brief - to increase the footfall to their kiosk and also maintain a high engagement atmosphere at the venue, to retain the visitors for a longer duration.

The Challenge

The challenge at hand was creating a unique and imaginative sales promotion that would resonate with their audience during a busy exhibition traffic and to create a sense of novelty. This sales promotion strategy was an opportunity to avoid eroding their brand purpose through just another namesake trade fair giveaway. As a dual product promotion, it would also be an opportunity to showcase the JOTUN range.

The Solution

5th Consulting proposed a Pick and Win promotion, inviting visitors to pick 7 colours from a shade card of 25 colours. This was also an opportunity for the brand to closely analyse general target audience preferences.

How We Brought Value

5th Consulting delivered a comprehensive turnkey solution, managing the end to end journey, organising the reward fulfilment of AED 250,000, and offering full promotional risk management services. 5th Consulting's vast experience and depth of resource ensured the operations behind the promotion's algorithms and claim validation process ran as smoothly as possible. The campaign was a great success: footfalls exceeded expectations, driving high levels of engagement during a very busy exhibition. Focused on the complete success of the campaign, we also delivered valuable reporting insight both during and after the campaign.

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