The Britannia ‘Lucky Set’

The Brief

Britannia engaged 5th Consulting with a dual objective promotional brief - create a compelling campaign that delights Britannia customers with a larger-than-life reward, while also increasing the basket size of purchase for the business

The Challenge

The challenge at hand was to create a ripple in the market without providing any further discounting, in a price sensitive retailer environment while staying within DED guidelines.

The Solution

A Grand Prize offer of AED 500,000 using the unique Lucky Set promotion for 10 contestants. The lucky set is a promotion that contains a set of envelopes - 13x envelopes. Inside these 13 envelopes there are 7x sealed winning envelopes and 6x ones that doesn't win. The task of the contestants is to choose 7 envelopes at random. While opening the envelopes, for each winning one, the contestant will win AED 500 until 6 winning envelopes where he/ she will win AED 3,000. However, if they picked the 7x winning envelopes he/ she will be the lucky winner of the “Lucky Set” of the Grand prize of AED 500,000.

How We Brought Value

The brand was able to provide their consumers a chance to win really big without having to incur the actual costs involved while also helping them break away from similar, less attractive promotions. The allure of the Mega Prize helped Britannia achieve a participation redemption rate of above 12% (industry average for similar campaigns is 3-5%) - for the Mega Prize alone. With 5th's Involvement, the brand's market share jumped to around 18% despite covid vs ~16% the previous month.

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